表示举例,such as意为“例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的”,相当于like或for example;结构既可表现为“名词+such as+例子”,也可表现为“such+名词+as+例子”;若such as后接动词,通常用动名词,有时也可用动词原形。such as后不可列出前面所提过的所有东西。such as 表示“像……这样的”,其中的as用作关系代词,引导定语从句,as在定语从句中用作主语或宾语。


such as的七个用法

1.表示举例,such as意为“例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的”,相当于like或for example。

(1)There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly.像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。

(2)Adverbs are used to modify verbs, such as “quickly” in “she ran fast”. 副词用来修饰动词,例如“她跑得快”中的“快”。

(3)Animals such as rabbits and deer continue to be active all winter,finding food wherever they can. 像兔和鹿这样的动物整个冬天都是很活跃的,它们到处寻找食物。


(1)这类结构既可表现为“名词+such as+例子”,也可表现为“such+名词+as+例子”。

I enjoy songs such as this one.= I enjoy such songs as this one.我喜欢像这首歌一样的歌。

(2)若such as后接动词,通常用动名词,有时也可用动词原形。

Don’t do anything silly such as marry him.不要做什么蠢事,比如说去嫁给他。

Magicians often perform tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat魔术师常常变从帽子里抓出兔子的戏法。

(3)不要按汉语意思将such as 用作such like。

(4)such as后不可列出前面所提过的所有东西。

正:I know four languages, such as Japanese and English.我懂四种语言,如日语、英语。

误:I know four languages, such as Chinese, French, Japanese and English.我懂四种语言,如汉语、法语、日语和英语。

(5)在现代英语中,such as可与etc. 连用。

They planted many flowers, such as roses, sunflowers,etc. 他们种了许多odilp.com种花,如玫瑰花、向日葵等。

They export a 1ot of fruits,such as oranges,lemons,etc. 他们出口许多水果,如桔子、柠檬等。

2.such as 表示“像……这样的”,其中的as用作关系代词,引导定语从句,as在定语从句中用作主语或宾语。此外,不要按汉语意思把该结构中的 as 换成like。

(1)He is not such a fool as he looks.他并不像他看起来那么傻。

(2)Such me想要给孩子报个好的、合适的儿童英语培训机构zdfsgs.com首先你要知道儿童学英语什么最重要?n as he (is) are rare now.现在像他这样的人很少了。

3.such as 表示“凡是……的人(或事物)”、“所有……的人(事物)”,其意相当于everything that, all those, those that (who)等。其中的such为先行词,as为关系代词。

(1)Take such (things) as you need.你需要什么就拿什么。

(2)You may choose such as you prefer. 你可挑选自己想要的东西。

(3)Such (people) as have knowledge and skill will not want to work.有知识和技能的人不愁没有工作。

4.有时such as 整体用作关系代词,用以引导定语从句。

(1)We had hoped to give you a chance such as nobody else ever had.我们本来希望给你一个别人从未有过的机会。

(2)Then I left it,feeling a weight at my heart such as I had never had before.然后我离开那里,心头感到一种前所未有的沉重心情。

5.用于 such…as to do sth.,表示结果,其中的such为限定语,as to do sth.表示结果。

(1)It was such a loud noise as to wake everybody in the house. 声音很大,屋里的所有人都被吵醒了。

(2)You shouldn’t put such high prices as to frighten your customers off. 你不应该要价这么高,以致把顾客都吓跑了。

6.用于such as to do sth.,表示程度或结果。其中的such是代词,as to do sth.引出的结构作程度状语或结果状语。

(1)Her illness was not such as to cause anxiety.她的病不是很重,不必担心。

(2)The pain in her foot wasn’t such as to stop her walking.她脚疼,但还不至于不能行走。

7.用于such as it is构成习语,表示让步,意思是“尽管不怎么好”“尽管不一定正确”“尽管没什么价值或重要性”。

(1)The food, such as it is, is plentiful.食物不是很好,但量很多。

(2)You may use my bike, such as it is.尽管我的自行车不好,你可以将就着用吧。

(3)You’re welcome to join us for supper, such as it is—we’re only having soup and bread. 欢迎你和我们一起吃晚饭,只是没什么好吃的——只有汤和面包。

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